How we help our customers

Results may vary based on actual data and situation.


By enabling offline customer segments fueled by financial insights to drive ads on addressable TV, one company saw a 30%+ lift in new accounts opened


By using economic insights to fuel its ITA campaign, AltFi company could achieve an over 15% lift in response rates


By using financial insights to segment members and determine likely product needs, credit union achieved an over 100% lift in deposits, investments, and loan balances

How We Help

Find better prospects

Target audiences by financial capacity

Accelerate digital interactions

Use digital channels – social, display, addressable TV – to reach your audience

Expand to new lending audiences

Extend credit to more customers with confidence using alternative data

Grow relationships

Keep customers loyal and engaged with messages that fit their financial profile

Personalize your offers

Tailor product offers to your customer interests and financial capacity

Reduce friction

Make account applications and pre-qualification easy and customer-friendly

Auto Acquisition Campaign Success

A more targeted email audience generated incremental vehicle sales and beat the stated KPI goal by up to 74%

5 Ways to Power Marketing with Household Financial and Economic Insights and Data

Tips to maximize your marketing dollars and boost ROI

Achieve results using financial insights plus
digital activation.

Results may vary based on actual data and situation.

Optimize relationships

Optimize relationships to increase revenue by over $700M

Grow balances

Achieve 100% lift in credit union deposit, investment, and loan balances

Increase revenue potential

Increase retailer revenue potential by as much as 25%

Gain new accounts
with digital activation

Use digital activation to achieve 30% lift in new account assets

Expand lending
acquisition audiences

Expand lending acquisition audiences by up to 20% without changing risk profile

can help you drive smarter revenue and better customer experience – across the customer journey

Understand your market
opportunity and trends

Reach and convert your
best customers

Nurture loyalty, identify cross-sell and
up-sell opportunities, grow share

Effectively manage collections
and mitigate loss

Premier Partners

Find our unique data on premier data marketplaces and online platforms

Leverage insight into the consumer wallet to power customer engagement

Equifax can help you find:

greater spending power from “high financial durability” households
of consumer wealth held by 7% of US households
of subprime consumers who are likely financially durable

Featured Solution

Reach your best audiences across digital channels

Power your online campaigns. Deliver the right message to desired target consumers based on their likely interests and economic capacity. Over 800 segments available, based on our actionable insights.

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