Engage: Digital Credit Marketing

Add Digital to Your
Credit Marketing Outreach.

Engage and convert credit audiences through digital channels.


Help grow your credit marketing with digital

Extend your credit messaging to
digital channels

Engage and help convert Prescreen
and ITA consumers online

Use your Prescreen expertise to
expand your audience and reach
them online

Measure the success of your
digital credit marketing

Team with us to reach
your credit audiences
through digital channels

Equifax works with an extensive array of data partners and platforms to help credit issuers activate their audiences via email, online, mobile, social, addressable TV, targeted radio, and other digital channels.

Direct Credit Marketing - Enhanced Email Append

Enhanced Email Append for Prescreen

Work with Equifax to append email addresses to your Prescreen list with our multi-scrub hygiene process, and we guarantee 97% of the final email address on the first marketing mailing will be valid and deliverable.

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Extend your prescreen and insurance campaigns to digital channels

Connect with your credit and insurance audiences in their inbox and on their devices. Help optimize your Prescreen budget by incorporating cost-effective channels. Gain quicker response to offers.

Empower consumers about their credit

  • Enable consumers to check their credit eligibility for offers in near real-time
  • Reduce customer fear of rejection and cart/phone abandonment

Consumers are reluctant to apply for credit

Online and phone-based individual prequalification service

Customer Benefit
Understand credit eligibility without impact on credit scores

Company Benefit
Enhance and personalize engagement with consumers and facilitate credit applications

Expand your audience and reach them online

Leverage your Prescreen expertise to develop highly targeted ITA lists and reach them via email, mobile, display, and social.
Benefit from more flexible ITA campaign execution.

Prescreen Audience to ITA Audience flow

Measure the impact of your digital marketing

Our attribution measurement solution allows marketers to measure the impact that campaigns have on company-specific metrics and revenue.

Optimize your credit marketing budget

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Connect with our team to learn more about building your own data-driven marketing strategy. We’ll show you how Equifax data-driven marketing capabilities can help take your business to the next level of success.

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