Capabilities: Measure

Energize your marketing
with performance insights.

Increase precision, cut costs and improve the customer experience.



Optimize marketing spend and customer value

Effectively attribute marketing
results to quantify performance

Pinpoint areas for future

Acquire strategic insights to
improve customer growth,
acquisition and retention

More efficiently allocate
marketing spend and


You have needs. We have solutions.


Take your marketing to the next level.

  • Monitor and measure marketing efforts against resulting business activity
  • Evaluate traffic to determine if marketing messages are reaching the right customers
  • Refine digitally targeted audiences by measuring ad views, website visitors
  • Boost marketing precision by better understanding and segmenting audiences
  • Reduce cost-per-acquisition based on measured performance insights
  • Optimize marketing return on investment through continuous improvement
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Your marketing, just stronger.

Our customers achieve tangible results every day with our data-driven marketing capabilities, and so can you. Using our suite of marketing performance data, tools and resources, our customers are driving big results that include:

decrease in cost-per-acquisition for one organization that used our audience intelligence tool to narrow the digital audience for its online display ads*

*Customer statistics are based on prior Equifax marketing projects. Your individual uses and results may vary based on your actual customer data, marketing efforts, product/service type and other related factors.

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