Measure: Marketing Attribution

Analyze, visualize and optimize
the customer journey
across all touchpoints.

Measure marketing ROI across digital and physical channels and optimize spend.

OptimaHub Marketing Attribution

Our people-based marketing measurement solution incorporates Multi-touch Attribution, Media Mix Modeling and Equifax data to help you analyze, visualize and optimize the customer journey to enhance your marketing and grow your business.

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Understand the Entire Customer Journey
Map the customer journey to visualize and cultivate touchpoints that work. Identify wasted spend on those that don’t.

More Efficient Customer Acquisition
Better understand and optimize the return on marketing investment from your campaigns and media.

Enhance Long-term Customer Value
Identify potential customers who are more likely to afford your products and services and remain loyal.


Customer journey insights
enable key decisions

Identify activities with positive or negative ROI for better forecasting

Better plan marketing strategy, budget and channel mix

Improve engagement with target audiences by exploiting channel synergies

Understand which messages / channels support conversions

Enhance customer long-term value to help accelerate overall business growth

Boost the impact of your media

Utilize advanced analytics to understand how your marketing mix is working.
Identify efficiencies in media spending to help maximize revenue & marketing ROI.

Diagram: Boost the impact of your media

Identify more touchpoints per unique person

Our research shows…On average 38% more digital touchpoints observed per unique study participant.*
More than 72% of missing touchpoints involved a mobile device.* What are YOU missing?

Study: The Cookie Crumbles

Study: The Cookie Crumbles

In today’s multi-device world, marketers want to evolve from cookie-based tracking methods or risk undervaluing almost 40% of touchpoints.*

Learn more about this study with Facebook

* Research statistics are based on a 2016 joint Facebook & Datalicious research project and published in “The Cookie Crumbles: The need for people-based measurement”.
Your individual uses and results may vary based on your actual customer data, marketing efforts, product/service type and other related factors.

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Measure Cross-Device Behavior

A robust marketing attribution solution should account for cross device activity and behavior along the path to purchase. With consumers using 3 devices, on average, an attribution solution that doesn’t account for cross-device behavior, matched to offline conversions, risks producing unreliable results and optimization scenarios.

The OptimaHub solution uses a comprehensive modelling methodology known as Hidden Markov Modelling (HMM)
which learns and evolves with your business and utilizes the latest in big data innovation.

OptimaHub Cross Device Diagram
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“The inaccuracy of mobile measurement was one of the biggest challenges we faced using cookies, which prompted us to look at alternative approaches. The most valuable insight from this program was the 2x increase in credit given to mobile advertising, which was previously masked due to last click, cookie attribution. It was really important to understand the value of our digital media plans against our wider business goals, and to confidently increase an investment in mobile moving forward.”

– Foxtel

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