Know More.
Perform Better.

See the bigger picture by transforming data into actionable insights.

Between your customer data and prospecting data, you likely have a lot of data.
But, are you able to use it to grow your business? Does it help you better understand
your customers, their lifestyle and preferences, or their financial trajectory?

This is where Equifax data-driven marketing capabilities are changing the game.

We can help you do all this, and so much more.
You will have access to new and unique data sets, powerful and predictive data analytics, and game-changing technology that helps you:

Enhance, synthesize, and activate customer data

Turn complex insights into a solid understanding of customer needs

Personalize the customer experience with the right messages in the right channels

Measure performance to optimize marketing spend and enhance customer value

Reach Shoppers in Time
for Summer

Target audiences planning their summer outings and travel. Use Equifax Digital Targeting Segments to ramp up your online efforts and reach the right audiences in time for summer.

See How

Sharpen your marketing precision.
Improve the customer experience.
Achieve stronger results.

You can do all that with data-driven marketing capabilities from Equifax. But, best of all, you can create a more tailored experience
that resonates with more customers, and helps you optimize account values at any stage of the customer lifecycle.

Capabilities Diagram: Optimizing Customer Value
Capabilities Diagram Step 1

Step 1: Link
We first link your customer data. This intelligently “connects the dots” within your data, and with third-party data, to give you a holistic customer view that’s actionable across all channels.

Capabilities Diagram Step 2

Step 2: Reveal
Then, we reveal fresh consumer insights – around income, wealth, credit, spending and more – from our unique data and analytic resources to help you find ideal customers and markets.

Capabilities Diagram Step 3

Step 3: Engage
We help you use the same audience across the right channels to better engage customers and prospects with the right messages and offers, at the right time.

Capabilities Diagram Step 4

Step 4: Measure
You can then measure the business impact of your marketing investment and strategies to help improve campaigns and plan future initiatives.

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