Capabilities: Reveal

Segment, understand and
pinpoint your ideal consumers.

Unlock revenue hiding in your markets and customer base.



Visualize customer behaviors and needs through actionable insights

Get multi-dimensional insights
about economic capacity, channel
preferences, demographics,
market triggers and more

Strengthen customer knowledge
with unique, direct-from-the-source

Build a clear understanding of
your ideal customer

Find customer and market-level opportunities


Take your marketing to the next level.

  • Efficiently analyze customer data to derive meaningful insights that can be used to improve marketing strategies, campaigns and performance
  • Segment, understand and pinpoint ideal consumers, markets and channels based on detailed insights
    around consumer financial capacity, behaviors and needs
  • Identify and target consumers who are more likely to open a new account within 90 days,
    and those who are demonstrating “in the market” buying behaviors
  • Help improve customer loyalty and retention by better understanding the immediate and future needs of customers,
    and aligning campaigns and offers with their needs
  • Better manage accounts and portfolios to help reduce write-offs and improve debt recovery efforts
  • Quickly build, test and launch marketing analytic models that lift performance
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Your marketing, just stronger.

Our customers achieve tangible results every day with our data-driven marketing capabilities, and so can you. Using our unique data and analytic insights, they’re learning more about prospects and customers and driving big results, including:

improvement in conversion rates from one Equifax customer’s prospecting campaign*

of existing customers upgraded to premium services, generating $700 million in increased revenue for another Equifax customer*

*Customer statistics are based on prior Equifax marketing projects. Your individual uses and results may vary based on your actual customer data, marketing efforts, product/service type and other related factors.

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