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Digital Targeting Segments neither contain nor reveal any personally identifiable information.

Economic Cohorts: Elite Income

Percentages listed are the percentage of all US households (HHs) that fall into this segment.

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$200K+ Income, Age: Young (<35), Big Shots - Young Upmarket Urbanites: M64

Ambitious, upscale city dwellers. Rent or own apartments in fashionable downtown districts. Very high income, high discretionary spending. Well-managed credit. Tech savvy. Enjoy active adventures.

0.31%(of HHs)

$200K+ Income, Age: Working Years (35-54), Careers First – City Singles: N65

Hardworking, very affluent professionals in upscale inner city districts. Some with kids. Homeowners. Low discretionary spending compared to peers. Well -managed credit. Financially sophisticated.

0.45%(of HHs)

$200K+ Income, Age: Working Years (35-54), Executive Spenders – Suburban Families: N66

Affluent, active families with kids. Upscale suburbs. High income and discretionary spending. Well-managed credit; many expenses. Highly-educated.

0.99%(of HHs)

$200K+ Income, Age: Working Years (35-54), Executive Spenders – Suburban Couples: N67

Well-educated professionals in upscale suburbs. No kids. High discretionary spending. Materialistic. Well-planned investments. Credit active; credit well managed.

0.81%(of HHs)

$200K+ Income, Age: Pre-Retirement (55-64), Corner Offices – Executive Urban Singles and Couples: O68

High-earning, pre-retirement professionals. No kids/empty nests. Affluent, big city areas. Sophisticated investors and consumers. Discretionary spending accounts for over half their ample income. Credit active. Cultured.

0.48%(of HHs)

$200K+ Income, Age: Pre-Retirement (55-64), Champagne Tastes – Executive Empty Nesters: O69

Highly-educated couples in the best suburbs. Enjoying their wealth. Very high income and discretionary spending. Financially sophisticated and active. Living well.

0.88%(of HHs)

$200K+ Income, Age: Retired (65+), Flush Funds – Wealthy Urban Seniors: P70

Very well-off retirees in upscale city neighborhoods. Financially conservative savers. High income from well planned investments. Relatively low credit use. Enjoying retirement. Brands matter.

0.57%(of HHs)

$200K+ Income, Age: Retired (65+), Diamonds and Pearls – Wealthiest Retirees: P71

Married seniors with high incomes. Best suburbs. Very high discretionary spenders, especially on travel. Very ample, diversified financial resources, professionally managed. Luxury retirement.

0.76%(of HHs)