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Digital Targeting Segments neither contain nor reveal any personally identifiable information.

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Digital Segments for Millennials are driven by our consumer segmentation system, which takes into account both projected interest and capacity to buy. The methodology differentiates consumers by Equifax industry-leading measures of household economics first to derive unique buying capacity insights. By combining insights into estimated household income, spending and credit with demographics, buying behaviors and product preferences, Digital Segments for Millennials offers a powerful tool for delivering the right message to the right audience.

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Percentages listed are the percentage of all US households (HHs) that fall into this segment.

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Millennials – Aggregated FICO – High Score

Millennial households with top 70% of consumers exhibiting lowest estimated risk of credit delinquency in the next 24 months.

25.5%(of HHs)

Millennials – Auto Insurance Target

Millennial households with attractive auto insurance prospects based on their estimated financial profile and likely credit behaviors.

26.55%(of HHs)

Millennials – Casual Restaurant Diners

Millennial households most likely to dine at casual restaurants.

6.47%(of HHs)

Millennials – Credit Card Transactor

Millennial households who carry a credit card balance yet have sufficient income to pay off those balances.

14.52%(of HHs)

Millennials – Spending Power Range >$50,000

Millennial households whose total annual estimated spending after fixed expenses is likely to be >$50,000.

12.54%(of HHs)

Millennials – High Ability to Pay

Millennial households with high estimated ability to pay financial obligations.

25.54%(of HHs)

Millennials – High Propensity for Auto Insurance

Millennial households with high propensity for auto insurance. Powered by aggregated FICO auto insurance score for “preferred” auto prospects.

0.17%(of HHs)

Millennials – High Propensity for Credit Card Approval

Millennial households with attractive credit card prospects based on their estimated financial profile and likely credit behaviors.

18.33%(of HHs)

Millennials – In Market for Auto Lease

Millennial households whose auto lease is likely to expire within the next 6 months.

10.51%(of HHs)

Millennials – Income Range >$100,000

Millennial households with total estimated income greater than $100K.

12.03%(of HHs)

Millennials – Investors

Millennial households who likely are investors.

19.62%(of HHs)

Millennials – Likely Student Loan Consolidation Target

Millennial households likely to engage in a student loan consolidation.

10.98%(of HHs)

Millennials – Likely to Respond to Credit Card Offer

Millennial households likely to respond to a credit card offer.

6.45%(of HHs)

Millennials – Mass Affluent

Millennial households whose estimated investable assets are likely to be between $100K and $1MM.

10.26%(of HHs)

Millennials – Multiple Insurance Policy Prospects

Millennial households likely to respond to multiple insurance policies.

10.55%(of HHs)

Millennials – Theme Park Visitors

Millennial households with theme park visitors.

10.82%(of HHs)

Millennials – Total Investable Assets: Asset Range >$250,000

Millennial households whose estimated investable assets are likely to be >$250,000.

8.13%(of HHs)

Millennials – Travel Enthusiasts

Millennial households with travel enthusiasts.

10.79%(of HHs)

Millennials – Young and On the Road to Wealth

Millennial households whose estimated age and income indicate a likelihood of high future net worth.

5.65%(of HHs)

Segment data updated Q3, 2022