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Digital Targeting Segments neither contain nor reveal any personally identifiable information.

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Retail Banking

Retail Banking Propensity Targeting Segments give IXI Network member banks the option of targeting households based on their propensities to consume certain types of retail banking products and services. These segments are derived from a proprietary foundation of approximately $16 trillion in direct-measured, anonymous invested assets.

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Percentages listed are the percentage of all US households (HHs) that fall into this segment.

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High Net Worth

Target population whose estimated investable assets are likely to be $1MM+.

8.89%(of HHs)

Mass Affluent

Target population whose estimated investable assets are likely to be between $100k and $1MM.

29.84%(of HHs)

High Deposits

Target population likely to have $50k+ in deposits.

32.56%(of HHs)

CD Investors (Banking)

Households likely to actively invest in Certificates of Deposit, with a high percentage of their assets in these instruments.

9.14%(of HHs)

MMDA Investors

Target population most likely to have investments in money market deposit accounts.

31.48%(of HHs)

Young and On the Road to Wealth

Target population whose estimated age and income indicate a likelihood of high future net worth.

8.51%(of HHs)

Active Debit Card Users

Target population whose estimated monthly usage of debit cards exceeds the U.S. average for active debit card users.

25.52%(of HHs)

Active Online Bill Payers

Target population whose regular use of online bill payment is estimated to exceed the U.S. average for online bill payment users.

26.77%(of HHs)

Mass Market and Mass Affluent Checking

Target Mass Market and Mass Affluent population most likely to have a checking account. Likelihood is based on total estimated wealth and likelihood of currently having a checking account with a minimum required balance.

62.51%(of HHs)

High Checking Account Balance

Target population most likely to have at least $10k in a checking account.

43.71%(of HHs)

Segment data updated Q3, 2022