Financial Cohorts

Breakthrough Asset-Based Household Segmentation System for Financial Services Firms

Financial Cohorts® is a breakthrough segmentation system based on our direct measurement of about $15 trillion in consumer financial assets. It segments customers based on their financial profiles, behaviors, and characteristics, as well as demographics, age, and urbanicity. Financial Cohorts enables you to analyze your clients and prospects based on how financial services firms really classify households – by their financial potential. The system enables firms to identify pockets of opportunity among their most common segments (Affluent, Mass Affluent, and Mass Market), and then guides marketers to understand the differences between households within each asset tier.

Available exclusively for use by IXI™ Network Member-Firms, financial services firms can use Financial Cohorts to better understand the financial and behavioral characteristics of distinct customer and prospect groups in order to increase the relevance and effectiveness of their direct and online marketing efforts. Financial Cohorts’ clusters are grouped into three asset tiers. Select a tile below to explore individual cluster details.