Equifax IXI Digital Segments for Household Economics Recognized as an Oracle Data Cloud Premier Data Provider

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August 21, 2019

Equifax IXI Digital Segments for Household Economics Recognized as an Oracle Data Cloud Premier Data Provider

Equifax® Data-driven Marketing (DDM), the marketing data, analytics and technology solutions of Equifax Inc. (EFX), is pleased to share the inclusion of its IXI Digital Segments in Oracle Data Cloud’s Premier Data Provider Program, an initiative that recognizes industry-leading data providers that offers the highest-quality data assets. Oracle selected 18 data leaders for the program based on their favorable brand equity, unique data assets and differentiated solutions.

As brands become more discerning about the data, they are using to drive their marketing, Equifax DDM has continued to focus on increasing the quality and integrity of its data; across critical considerations such as provenance, sourcing, governance, and compliance, among others. Through the Premier Data Provider Program, Oracle Data Cloud is consolidating data on their platform to deliver a better experience to marketers and to demonstrate the relevance and uniqueness of their data against other data sources.

Equifax DDM was invited into the program for its granular economics-based data. This proprietary data is sourced through the Equifax IXI Network, a unique compilation of anonymous consumer financial information. From this data foundation, Equifax builds proprietary measures of household economics, such as wealth, income and spending, to provide a picture of households’ financial and economic positions for marketers seeking predictive customer insights.

“Today’s marketers are challenged to find unique, high-quality data that increases the performance of marketing efforts, and Oracle’s recognition validates Equifax IXI data as a standard bearer in the marketplace. Using segmentation based on our directly measured financial data, marketers are able to create effective targeting and segmentation for their needs,” said Jeff Sporn, Chief Digital Officer, Equifax Data-driven Marketing. “Oracle and Equifax have a long-standing relationship and we are excited to deepen our collaboration with Oracle Data Cloud and continue to bring the value of our IXI digital segments to their platform.

IXI Digital Targeting Segments from Equifax, help digital marketers find relevant audiences and improve online targeting based on estimated consumer financial capacity, spending, investment style, behaviors, and characteristics. Marketers use these segments to reach more visitors with the desired financial profile and propensities for their products and services, and serve the right offer, with the right message and creative, based on visitors’ likely financial position and economic spending behavior.

Equifax DDM leaders joined other Premier Data Providers an Oracle event in Boulder, Colorado on May 14 to participate in group discussions on publishers’ native data, legislative headwinds, and data monetization for marketers using Oracle Data Cloud.

“Equifax Data-driven Marketing approaches segmentation by recognizing that accurate household insights such as wealth, income and spending are pivotal for brands looking to reach their best audiences,” said Jeff Teng, VP, Business Development at Oracle Data Cloud. “Our Provider program was created to make it easy for marketers to access the data they need to reach their goals. We are excited to highlight IXI Digital Segments on our platform to deliver high-quality data solutions for more targeted marketing.”

Equifax DDM brings together data assets, analytics, technology, and integrated marketing capabilities to help solve key challenges for marketing executives and helps more than 300 customers across the financial, insurance, telecommunications, travel and other industries. Visit the Equifax DDM website to learn more.

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