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Through this network, Equifax directly measures approximately $24 trillion in anonymous U.S. consumer assets, representing approximately 45 percent of all U.S. consumer-invested assets. Using this data, we provide reliable and actionable insights to drive investment and deposit growth, assess share of wallet, expand relationships through insight on investment styles, behaviors, and characteristics, and inform market-level opportunity.

Results may vary based on actual data and situation.

Identify opportunities for growth

By segmenting customers by financial insights, firm can create treatment groups based on share-of-wallet estimates and identify over $2B in asset growth opportunity.

Effective segmentation for increased deposits

By using deposit opportunity and brand affinity to segment prospects, firm identified $5B+ in potential new assets and expected 21% improvement in campaign conversions.

An Exclusive Network

Members who contribute data to the IXI Network enjoy several exclusive advantages:

Access members-only solutions

For financial services firms, this means you can leverage solutions based on approximately $27 trillion in anonymous, direct-measured assets gathered from the nation’s leading financial institutions.

Benefit from more reliable data

The foundation of our Network-only solutions is based on direct-measured data, not survey data. Surveys are based on what individuals say they do; direct-measured data measures what consumers actually do.

Become a developmental partner with Equifax

Help shape new products and benefit from early adopter exclusivity.

Gain access to preferential pricing

Only IXI Network members have access to our best pricing on all of our solutions.

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