What We Help You Do: Acquire Customers

Reach ideal prospects and maximize engagement

Invigorate your acquisition campaigns with consumer financial data and digital solutions

Actionable Insights

Customer Acquisition

Strategies to target and activate the right consumers to grow your business

  • Understand consumers’ financial capacity to spend, invest, or borrow
  • Broaden prospect audiences with alternative financial data
  • Deliver the right offer to the right consumer at the right time via preferred channels
  • Enhance the customer experience
  • Find and reach ideal prospects and maximize your initial engagement
  • Harness digital acquisition solutions to power prospecting efforts
  • Leverage our Developer portal and API

Nearly 20% of subprime consumers are financially durable and potentially attractive acquisition targets, even in tough economic times.


We provide:

  • Audience identification and targeting
  • Prescreen and Invitation to Apply audience selection
  • Pre-approval and pre-qualification
  • Digital identity
  • Customer onboarding
  • Digital activation
  • Segmentation and treatment strategies

Identify and target the right audiences

Successful prospecting starts with identifying consumers that have the interest and financial capacity for your products and services.

Our exclusive insight into the consumer wallet helps you find optimal prospects, and find more audiences that look like your best customers.

Enhance the customer experience

Boost your acquisition strategies by connecting with target audiences across channels. Deliver the right offer, just when they need it.

Then, as you onboard and activate new customers, think about your next move – what services should you offer them? Customer financial capacity insights help you spot customers with the growth potential that makes them ideal for premium service channels or cross sell offers.


Revitalize your lending acquisition campaigns

Advance your acquisition campaigns to better reach today’s credit seekers. We’ve got you covered.

Confidently expand your audiences with alternative financial data. Expand your campaign reach by using digital channels to serve your Prescreen and ITA offers.

Enhancing your Acquisition efforts

Results may vary based on actual data and situation.

By using economic insights to fuel its ITA campaign, AltFi company could achieve an over 15% lift in response rates

By using asset-based segmentation to find and target mass affluent consumers for its acquisition campaign, bank can expect to grow assets by $108 million

By using financial capacity insights, lender can identify high asset and high income consumers to expand its acquisition audience by up to 20% without changing its risk profile

Digital Targeting Segments

Reach the right audiences online

Explore over 800 digital targeting segments that can help you reach consumers with both the interest and the financial capacity to respond to your offers and message.

Customer Segmentation

Gain a 360° View of Household Economics

Our customer segmentation solutions help financial services firms and leading brands understand the likely financial characteristics, behaviors, attitudes, and lifestyles of their target customers and prospects.

Customer Insights

Wealth and economic insights to grow relationships

We offer financial and economic insight for virtually every U.S. consumer and household. From anonymous wealth and assets data, to estimated income and spending capacity, to credit and financial durability, we offer deep insights to enhance your marketing strategies.

Identify prospects with the greatest opportunity and deliver the right offer based on product preferences, interests, and behaviors.

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