What We Help You Do: Discover Markets

Find strategic markets with high-potential consumers

Better understand your current and future markets and share of wallet

Find Your Potential

Size up your market opportunities

Whether you’re a marketer or an analyst, you can measure market opportunity with greater granularity and precision with consumer wealth and credit insights.

  • Size markets and inform geographic marketing
  • Evaluate markets by affluence, income, spending power, credit, and more
  • Understand market-level investment and borrowing behaviors
  • Benchmark performance and share of wallet by region
  • Rethink branch and location strategy

Can you find the right households for your products and services? Affluent households are only 7% of U.S. households but hold nearly 69% of consumer wealth.


We provide:

  • Credit Market insights
  • Wealth Market insights
  • Historical data modeling

Maximize Potential

Results may vary based on actual data and situation.

By analyzing market-level assets to assess and compare branch performance, bank realigned resources and branch goals to meet demand

By evaluating local markets by consumer financial potential, auto dealer narrowed potential sites for new locations by 50%

Customer Insights

Wealth and economic insights to grow relationships

We offer financial and economic insight for virtually every U.S. consumer and household. From anonymous wealth and assets data, to estimated income and spending capacity, to credit and financial durability, we offer deep insights to enhance your marketing strategies.

Identify markets and geographies with the greatest opportunity. Now you can better size markets, determine share, improve territory and location planning, and conduct brand and category development based on unique financial insights.

Find your next hot geography

  • Examine market-level financial data to find geographies likely to hold growth opportunities.
  • Find geographies with rising affluence, income, or assets.
  • Assess size and share of outstanding assets or credit in target markets.
  • Identify markets where you should reduce your footprint
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