What We Help You Do: Manage Relationships

Grow relationships with the right customers

Enhance account management and identify hidden risks or opportunities across your customers

Engage customers with the most growth potential

  • Segment customers by potential to spend, invest, or borrow more
  • Deepen engagement and grow share of wallet with relevant cross-sell and upsell offers
  • Proactively recognize troubled accounts and manage risk

By reassigning customers to the right service channel, one firm increased revenue by over $700 million.


We help you:

  • Grow relationships with your best customers
  • Optimize cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  • Enhance account monitoring and management

Engage Customers

Consumer financial insights to expand and manage customer relationships

Our customer financial capacity and propensity insights help grow relationships by engaging your existing accounts with the right offers. Combine insights around affluence, income, spending capacity, or credit with financial-based household segmentation solutions – and let the cross-selling optimize.

  • Identify the right customers for upsell and cross-sell promotions
  • Deepen customer relationships with targeted messages delivered across channels
  • Uncover hidden asset, spending, and credit opportunities
  • Monitor credit accounts to manage risk

Better Understand Your Customers

Results may vary based on actual data and situation.

By using financial insights to fuel a campaign, brokerage could attract over $25M in bank deposits and $70M in incremental brokerage assets

Credit union segments customer base and identifies 20K members with significant deposits at other firms, enabling campaign to beat goal by 60%

By developing treatment groups based on total assets, bank campaign can target customers and expect to increase AUM by at least $2B


Understand consumer financial durability

Financial durability can help you see important differences between consumers – most notably, which customers are more likely to have the financial resources to weather a financial storm. Go beyond credit scores to grow relationships with high durability households and better manage accounts that may be under economic stress.

Did you know? – Spending capacity for “high financial durability” households – those with the financial stability to withstand tough times – is 86% higher than average households.

Digital Marketing

Engage your best customers online

If you are looking to better leverage digital channels, then onboard your customer segments for use in digital marketing. Extend your insights across social, mobile, addressable TV, and more. Deepen relationships by communicating across channels, and apply your customer knowledge to find more like your best.

Account Management

Flexible credit account and
portfolio monitoring

  • Manage your portfolio through data and tools to continuously evaluate credit-worthiness and risk.
  • Leverage measures of verified income, employment, and payment alerts to assist with customer portfolio reviews and accommodations.
  • Expand your credit relationships through quick notification of in-market behaviors and likely credit needs.

Customer Insights

Wealth and economic insights to better manage relationships

We offer financial and economic insight for virtually every U.S. consumer and household. From anonymous wealth and asset data, to estimated income and spending capacity, to credit and financial durability, we offer deep insights to enhance your marketing strategies.

Leverage our consumer financial data and tools – well beyond credit scores – to enhance your account reviews and help you identify both hidden risk and opportunity across your customer accounts.

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