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Know More.
Perform Better.

If only you could better understand your markets and audiences, confidently reach them, deliver the right offers, and grow customer engagement.

With Equifax, you can.

Data-driven marketing from Equifax
is changing the game.

Understanding household economics is critical to marketing success. It can translate into real business outcomes – like 300% ROI from customer retention programs, or beating campaign acquisition goals by 70%.

Leverage our financial insights to gain a better understanding of your consumers’ needs and potential. Deliver the right message in the right channel, to personalize the customer experience. Enhance your customer engagement with relevant offers that meet their financial capacity and needs.

The result? You can optimize account value at any stage of the customer lifecycle and create a more tailored experience that resonates with more customers.

What We Do


From identity resolution to a complete view of households’ likely economics — wealth, income, spending, credit — we help you identify and target the right consumers

Data Activation and Analytics

Whether it’s segmentation, modeling, predictive analytics, or onboarding data to reach consumers across channels, we help you maximize data across campaigns and target the right consumers

Sharpen your marketing precision.
Improve the customer experience.
Achieve stronger results.

We can help you do all this across the customer journey


We help you develop effective marketing strategies. How? By identifying high opportunity markets and understanding changes in the competitive environment.


Then, we provide fresh consumer financial insights – around income, wealth, credit, spending, and more – to help you identify ideal prospects, plus connect with them across all channels.


We work with you to keep customers loyal and engaged, so you can grow share of wallet and sales while managing risk.


Finally, we enable you to efficiently assess customer value and ability to pay, or smoothly end a relationship.

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