What We Help You Do: Recover Accounts

Assess customers for ongoing relationships

Financial insights can help you see important differences between consumers

Customer Treatment Strategies

End customer relationships smoothly

  • Recognize diminished growth potential or ability to pay
  • Prioritize collections efforts
  • Discern profiles of customers that churn
  • Identify attributes of customers to deprioritize


We help you:

  • Identify customers for retention marketing
  • Identify higher- and lower-potential customers
  • Understand churn

Evaluate Your Customers

Results may vary based on actual data and situation.

By using financial insights to identify low balance accounts, firm achieved ROI of 300% in 6 months from new retention programs

Accounts with high credit scores and high durability were 13% more likely to become current again on their obligations after going delinquent, compared to those with the same credit score, but low durability

By identifying credit changes and verifying income and employment data, lender can understand the future trajectory of accounts and inform collections strategies

Rexamine relationships of customers nearing the end of their journey

Not all customers will stick with your brand. Similarly, financial situations may change, causing some customers to be unable to meet their financial commitments. With our financial and economic insights, we can help you efficiently assess customer value and develop win-back campaigns to minimize churn. And we can provide data to assess consumers’ ability to pay to help prioritize collections strategies or to smoothly end a relationship.

Customer Insights

Unique metrics to assess value
of at-risk customers

Ask about solutions to inform retention, churn, and collections strategies.

  • Ability to pay
  • Financial durability
  • Consumer income and employment verification
  • Bill pay history
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