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Data-driven Marketing solutions from Equifax.


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It is easier than ever to hit the right marketing targets.

Your marketing strategy is fresh, smart and comprehensive. But, none of that matters if your campaigns are not hitting the right targets.

Armed with relevant, estimated data on household economics—wealth, income, spending and credit plus lifestyles, preferences and more—you can now engage with your top customers and prospects like never before. Using our suite of powerful analytics and advanced technology, our data-driven marketing capabilities can help you match and enrich your data with our unique, diverse data resources to reveal your top markets, prospects, customers and more. You will have the ability to better understand who they are, what they want, when to reach them, which offer may work best and over what marketing channel.

Credit Executives

Protect and grow your business

Yes, you can do both.

Many businesses have a team they jokingly call the “office of business prevention.” Don’t let this be your team.

With our data-driven marketing capabilities, you can support business growth by acquiring unique, high-precision data and actionable insights that help you more clearly recognize risk, and opportunity. This gives you the confidence to initiate and deepen relationships with more-profitable, lower-risk customers by making the most appropriate credit offers to the right consumers. Using our carefully-managed FCRA and non-FCRA solutions, you can align lending and risk policies with growth initiatives, to help drive increased revenue and profitability across your organization.

Data Analysts

Activate your data with analytic expertise

Identify key customers, behaviors, preferences and emerging trends.

Without question, your customer data is a prized asset. But, are you using it to your best advantage to help grow your business?

Now you can make more sense out of the “data chaos,” and derive fresh, actionable insights that help you more clearly see a shorter, more profitable path to business growth. With data-driven marketing capabilities from Equifax, you can better connect your customer data across silos. You will also gain access to the dedicated expertise, tools and technology you need to build more predictive analytics and models that support the full analytic lifecycle from data access through visualization and deployment. You can transform raw data into meaningful insights that can help send your marketing performance and ROI soaring.

Case Study

Freedom First Federal Credit Union
Grows Deposits and Liquidity

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Advance your business with data-driven intelligence

Leading firms and brands are better understanding, targeting, communicating with, and optimizing the value of their customers and prospects with help from Equifax data-driven marketing capabilities. Find out more about how Equifax can help your organization do the same.

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Insurance    |    Restaurant    |    Retail and Consumer Goods    |    Travel, Leisure and Entertainment

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