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Every business is unique, but our goal is the same. We help marketers with data-driven solutions that are personal as they are profitable.

Reach your optimal audience.
Grow relationships with the right customers.
Connect with your target audiences across channels.

Leading financial and consumer brands work with us to invigorate their marketing strategies and find the right consumers that can spend, borrow, or invest.

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Connect with us to better understand your customers and communicate them in relevant ways across channels.


Alternative Finance
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Ready, aim, engage!

It is easier than ever to hit the right marketing targets.

Your marketing strategy is fresh, smart and comprehensive. But, none of that matters if your campaigns are not hitting the right targets.

Armed with relevant, estimated data on household economics— wealth, income, spending and credit plus lifestyles, preferences and more—you can now engage with your top customers and prospects like never before. Match and enrich your data with insight into the consumer wallet to reveal your top markets, prospects, customers and more. Better understand your audiences, what they want, when to reach them, which offer may work best and over what marketing channel.

Customer Insights

Protect your best customers and grow your business with our insights

Yes, you can do both.

With our vast consumer financial and economic insights, you can support business growth, find hidden opportunities, and more clearly recognize risk. Our data-driven insights give you the confidence to initiate and deepen relationships with more-profitable, lower-risk customers by making the most appropriate offers to the right consumers. Leverage our solutions to help drive increased revenue and deepen customer engagement.

Credit and Risk

Boost your lending…

Enhance the customer experience.

Access differentiated financial data and tools to connect with the right consumers. With our credit and alternative financial data, you can find and reach ideal prospects and confidently broaden acquisition audiences. Plus, our focus on digital acceleration enables you to reach consumers across channels and ease the credit application process. Make the right offer, deliver a positive customer experience, spot and manage risk, and build a lasting relationship.

Digital and Customer Experience

Deliver a frictionless experience and reach your desired audiences

Today’s consumers are all about digital – which means that your offers and messages need to reach your audiences where they spend their time. Our financial and economic insights are integrated across the digital ecosystem – providing you the flexibility to work with Equifax or your trusted digital partners to deliver a frictionless experience and reach your desired audiences across email, display, mobile, social, addressable TV, and more. From multi-channel digital targeting, to onboarding, to custom audiences, we support your digital transformation efforts.

How we help our customers

Results may vary based on actual data and situation.


By enabling offline customer segments fueled by financial insights to drive ads on addressable TV, one company saw a 30%+ lift in new accounts opened


By using economic insights to fuel its ITA campaign, AltFi company could achieve an over 15% lift in response rates


By using financial insights to segment members and determine likely product needs, credit union achieved an over 100% lift in deposits, investments, and loan balances

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