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Our expertise is your new competitive advantage.
At Equifax, we are committed to helping provide organizations with tools to make
data-driven decisions that not only provide value to their business, but also to their
customers. It is embedded in our solutions, our technology, our sales and our
operations across the enterprise.

Advantages we bring to your marketing


Unique, differentiated data that is actionable

Better data in, means better decisions out. Our specialty in consumer household economic insights enables us to connect our clients with the truth about their optimal customers. Our insights help our clients create a better customer experience, and build more profitable relationships with them.

  • Access exclusive, reliable and diverse data sources for both marketing and credit applications
  • Create a 360° view of prospects and customers by integrating your data with our data – and in some cases additional third-party data sources – to build a single customer view


Robust analytics and analytics tools

Our integrated portfolio of proprietary data and analytics solutions and capabilities helps bring your data to life. Use our innovative analytics capabilities and tools for actionable, customer insights that enable you to improve and personalize the customer experience, while also helping to manage risk and lift your marketing performance and ROI.

  • Better understand prospects and customers—where they are now in life, as well as their possible future trajectory— to improve segmentation on the front end and manage risk along the customer journey
  • Develop, test, and deploy models in record time using our R&D environment


Streamlined technology

Our innovative, advanced technology helps to seamlessly connect data, functional teams and processes to help organizations better support the full customer lifecycle.

  • Our cloud-based analytic platform and proprietary data-linking technology help marketers work more efficiently, effectively and collaboratively
  • Offering the configurability of custom visualization tools with “off the shelf” timelines, our cloud-based applications provide actionable insights to all marketers ranging from the CMO to the marketing practitioner
  • Our partnerships and integrations with most of the top marketing and advertising platforms make campaign execution—from traditional direct mail to email, social and TV—swift and easy

Data Stewardship

Trusted data stewardship

Marketers need trusted partners. As a top industry provider trusted by consumers and businesses for decades, Equifax has set the standard for responsible data stewardship. Marketers can rely on us to securely handle their valuable customer data.

  • Multilayer security model with role-based and project-based security controls data access and permissible use
  • Established and documented data and model governance

How we help you make smarter decisions*


By enabling offline customer segments on addressable TV, one company saw a
↑ 30%+
lift in new accounts opened

A single view of the customer across one enterprise helped
reduce churn by
$28M ↓


By using Equifax data to reassign 17% of existing customers to premium services, one company was able to
increase revenue by over
↑ $700M

Card issuers that augment marketing lists with event- based triggers have seen a
↑ 146%
in open rates


By using household segmentation audiences to serve ads, a bank was able to
increase the average opening balance of new deposit accounts by
↑ 300%

Digital targeting helped one organization reduce cost-per-profitable-acquisition by
↓ 50%+


We helped one company discover that
of its acquisition ad impressions were being served to likely unqualified prospects

* Customer statistics are based on prior Equifax marketing projects. Your individual uses and results may vary based on your actual customer data, marketing efforts, product/service type and other related factors.

IXI Network

Powerful. Unique. Exclusive.

That’s the IXI Network, the source of our household economic insights.

The IXI Network is the only source for solutions based on directly-measured wealth. Through this exclusive network of leading financial institutions, Equifax directly measures approximately $24 trillion in anonymous U.S. consumer assets and investments, representing about 45 percent of all U.S. consumer invested assets.

While most solutions offer financial insights on U.S. consumers that rely primarily on survey- or census-based data, Equifax provides more reliable and actionable financial and economic insight based on direct-measured, anonymous asset data, overcoming some of the accuracy, reliability, coverage and granularity limitations of survey-based data.

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“We chose Equifax’s [IXI] measures because they were the only source that could provide us information on both the likely financial capacity and demographics of interested consumers. Other providers offered only demographics or survey-based information, but the Equifax foundation of measured assets and credit data plus their ability to provide insight on household demographics, behaviors, and lifestyles was a real differentiator.”

– Head of credit risk and analytics at auto manufacturer’s captive financing arm

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